Toy Hunter!

watch the making off:


You are clearly the best toy.

However, other toys are trying to steal your thunder, eliminate them so you'll stay on the top shelf!


Drag your mouse and release to launch your toy into other toys, if you hit them hard enough, they will die. Try to survive as long as possible.


This is part of a Series where I make one Game every month. Toy story meets fun physics!


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my score is 0



i noticed that on the game over screen the player goes through the ground

hahaha this is so fun!!!

hahaha its very funn

I love the Game the only thing I would change is the current Audio Management, I would love if it wouldn't restart on scene changes. Besides that amazing game and I loved your video on it amazing video quality as well as amazing 3D Models :P

If you use an AudioManager you can easily add that functionality with these lines of code. If you need some more help you can Reply to my comment, I'll gladly help :D

 void Awake()
        if (instance == null)
            instance = this;

thanks! I learned that trick a little while ago, but I still haven’t implemented it yet, I should get to that

i love and hate this game at the same time :P you have done a great job making it fun, challenging and enjoyable :)