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Race through a full procedural rythm-racetrack. Time your movements right to get a high score!

Watch the making of:

Get the most amount of points

Keep hitting the notes and slide in the corners to get a higher multiplier and get a highscore!


Hit the notes on the track with "Space"
Turn the car up, down, left, right to match the curve type with w,a,s,d or the arrow keys

tools used

Unity3D Blender procreate (ios)


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LINUX.zip 28 MB
WIN64.zip 23 MB
MACOS.app.zip 26 MB


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dude davie likes you,ya slapped bass

nyoom vroom music *drumroll*

i could not run the game can you help me. im on windows.

Thx for making it AZERTY i am also from belgium so th

(1 edit) (+1)(-4)

Not bad idea, but music in game is... not very impressive. Also i can't use my own music for this(this is very important feature for rhythm game). 

the music makes itself so chances are its probably going to be bad

Youll find that a lot of Rythym games don't let you use your own music

although it will make your game more popular even if bye a small amount

I really liked this video, deserve WAY more subscribers.

Entertaining video & gameplay.

Would be interesting to have different songs but I also noticed what I think is a typo on the WIN64 version. In the menu it says Left is W and A is Up, even though  A is Left & W is Up (which makes sense) :)

Otherwise great content, following and hoping for more in the future!

thanks! I should fix that, I’m from belgium anD we use azerty here, so sometimes I mix them up

Now it makes sense :D

Love Belgium, its also the first place where I saw an AZERTY keyboard :)

Blasphemous keyboard layout ^^