My graduation was cancelled, so I made a game about it

Check out the making of here: 

Move your player with w,a,s,d, or the arrow keys, click on the rest.

This is more of an experience than a game, if you are confused what to do, check near the ending of the making of, where everything is laid out.


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Development log


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this is sick good on you for making your like non graduation experience into a thing!!

I basically had a "graduation" but really nobody actually gave a care in the world no one was sitting it was just these kids lined up and only one kid was on stage and it was like done in a second and nobody clapped for you.. most pathetic excuse for a graduation when your life is basically working for that in high school

so go to mitch64s  games

so mitch64 how did you make your games

I found a clip!

i made a glich i did not get my graduation stuf on

i love this game

oh yay best game

I like how when you first show up you're in pajamas lol :P

haha I am graduated now :) the tesla car was dope :D

wow brother congratulations for you degree :) hope u get It btw game idea was cool lol

thanks! The car was the icing on the cake 🔥