Climb to the top!

Watch the making of:


Aim with your mouse at a climbing hold.
Click with the left mousebutton to reach with your left hand.
Click with the right mousebutton to reach with your right hand.


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I think this would make a good ipad game, and maybe even a mobile one too.

just add some levels and a endless mode and you'll be good too go!

You should probably rename it though.

Jelle this was actually really fun! I climb sometimes and this somehow accurately represents both the frustration and joy of climbing. It's really satisfying when you can get a rhythm going and climb up multiple holds in a row. Keep making awesome games!

this game is cool but who buttered my hands i cant grab 

it’s hard to aim because of the shaking camera. And the tutorial on the screen is not enough about the left and right mouse button (for laptops and touch devices this is not obvious), 

everything else is good, great job! the character clings confidently that it is very good.

Thanks for the feedback!

Very Nice