Get the egg to the end of the line!

Watch the making of:

Guide it by moving the objects with the directional keys.

Use the directional keys to move the obstacles around, make sure the egg does not fall off and hits the ground.

There are 4 levels, each level move the egg further down the supply chain

You can freely select each level in case one gets to difficult.

Tools used

  • Unity3D
  • Blender
  • GarageBand (IOS)
  • Procreate (IOS)


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um i do not make games tho

and go to mitch64 and do the games

I love it!


i died and won at the same time




omg  i love it, btw i love ur vids

game is pretty hard (or maybe I'm just bad at it) but the music is REALY CATCHY

Trying starting this game (via terminal) on a Linux system I get an error message:

"./LD46-LINUX.x86_64: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

And in fact there is no Linux library next to the main game executable, so please take a look at your last published Linux version .zip file.

Thanks anyway for your game.

Fun game! I found a bug when the egg broke right in front of the pan. The level did not end or restart.

thanks! I should fix that

Nice game, very simple and very short, but is cool 

Overall really nice job! The physics feel nice and I like the sound effects, and most importantly it's fun to play. My suggestions for ways it could be improved is the camera near clip plane looks a little weird and the music gets very repetitive.

thanks! I know the music is pretty repetitive, especially when you keep dying ;) thanks for the tips!

overall, i love the game! some things i think you could have done to make it look even more visually appealing is to use another font, instead of the one you used, but that is just me nitpicking.

yeah, I had to make a lot of quick decisions, not all of them were the best ;), glad you like it!