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Making of / explanation video:


Try to get through 8 levels by moving in all 4 spacial dimensions and reach your spaceship.

Move the player with the arrow keys or w,a,s,d.

Move through the 4th dimension with the slider, or the c,v / o,p keys.

Place an orb on a button to switch certain objects and create holes/ platforms.

The orbs are only active at certain W positions, but by holding the orb and moving through the 4th dimension, you can move its W position to match yours.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(35 total ratings)
AuthorJelle Vermandere
Tags4d, Cute, Funny, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Space


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This game is pretty cool! The rocket is a bit weirdly shaped though since it's a prism of a 3D ship design. Also, it would be nice if E and Q were the keys for moving ana and kata since they're closer to the other movement keys.

Hmm, interesting… Everything runs well except that first level. Perhaps it overutilizes GPU for some stupid reason.

I love the idea, I feel like it could have been a much longer game with this concept!  Here is my full playthrough 🥳

Cool game but im very stupid

Very well done! Nice puzzle solving and gameplay. Works great on Linux.


no collisions

Deleted 200 days ago

For somebody that has less than a gig of storage on their laptop I highly doubt it runs well.

Deleted 200 days ago

Okay, Im sorry, but you shouldnt be mean. Hope you learned your lesson… anyway heres my full apology 

Deleted 200 days ago
Deleted 200 days ago

Stop raging at people in replies, its not their fault it doesn't run well, and its not your responsibility to reply to every single person who comments about an issue. Rather than criticize people who are simply saying it does not work well for them, you should give them advice on how to find a way to fix it. Better yet, remove yourself from the internet and live in a cave.

Don’t worry, some kind of stranger, I’m calm and not raging for now. It was an old reply, so you are too late for that. I blocked that user, so no problem for me. I’m not that toxic and not even an adult


Stating you are "not that toxic" seems like a stretch for what you've replied to people with, and stating that you are a minor does not change the fact that you were being rude to people with seemingly no reason for it.

Now that’s confusing… Don’t remind me about this, please 🥺 I will be kind to people


literally unplayable its so laggy and I have a normal computer, not too bad or too good


laggy for me to


Just buy super fast computer!

I Have That lol

Deleted 200 days ago

Wow its almost like not everyone has the luxury or money to buy it


y do u have to buy it?!


you don't. press download and then there is a button that says "no thanks, take me to the downloads" or something like that.

But that's exactly what it says.


my computer is too bad for this game :D

Deleted 248 days ago

got it have gtx 1070 now

Well done 👍


I also make mods for fnf... plz check out


I am waiting for Miegakure for so long and now I've discovered this treasure :) Thank you very much for this little dive into 4D world!

Level 8 was heeps of fun. To bad there aren't any else.

 my computer thinks it's malware so it won't let me run it

if u using mac ik how to fix that problem


Well, my laptop knows, that it’s not a malware. Just click “more info” and then “run anyway” (or something like that)!

(1 edit) (-1)

Game is nice, but I can't finish the first level. I am keeping moving through red platform, instead of moving up the red platform.

Me too. I just skipped the first level.


Doesn't work on my machine (Ubuntu 20.04), can't see anything.


Thanks, I won’t download Linux version of this.


Oh man, your having a lot of troubles in here…

(1 edit) (+2)

This seems very interesting but it's running so slow it's unplayable. I've noticed the game barely use my CPU... that would probably solve the problem. Also I go through the ramp (i've seen someone say we should take it slow but i'm teleporting lol). Edit: I decided to try again and selected another level... and was able to finish the game. Only the first one is truly unplayable, levels 4 and 6 were a bit slow but i didn't mind. So, very nice concept, it was a bit hard to understand what the orbs do at first, but in the end I liked it :)


Sadly for me, I reached level 8 and it was worthless to continue playing this.


Awesome game! Really enjoyed it. Works great on linux


That was unbelievably fun, I could play this for hours if there were enough levels. Wish there were more but that aside this is amazing??? Like one of my favourite platformers so far and i have played a LOT of platformers. Purrfect for a boring afternoon. Solved my sad brain. Thanks for the amzaing game!

he posted the code for the 4d stuff on git hub. anybody that wanted to could

What is amzaing?

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Great concept and execution! Love the art style too! The song loop nearly drove nuts (lol), but still I loved the game, great work!

is this safe?


of course, I don't know what that 1 guy is talking about

does it cost money or no


name your own price, you can just skip straight to the downloads if you want! so free yes!






Really love this game despite it having only 8 levels. I also had trouble in the first level phasing through the slope, but figured that if I go slowly i can climb it no problem. Apart from that the rest of the game was enjoyable and really fun to figure out


I genuinely cannot understand how it runs so well on my god awful 2015 macbook. I thought Unity was very unoptimized and bloated until I realized that you just have to be smart. Game is also really great, congrats on everything Jelle!

Deleted 1 year ago

I did, that’s why I said “until I realized”.

If you are a game developer too, where do I play your games?


Same but 2008 model produced 2017.


You just go through the ramp on the first lvl help



(1 edit)

nope! Just gotta take things.. slow


Finally, an indie game that got my fans going!

Absolutely loved playing it. The Levels were so good, the level design process must have been mind-bending!

(1 edit)

I can't get pass the first level, you go through the ramp.


Take it slow. Literally

(1 edit)

how do i play it

when i try to open it, it will just go to the folder

and i extracted it too

plz help mee

bro on which device are you playing

computer windows

Double click the .exe file to run it

It is a deceptively heavy duty game, but my gaming laptop was able to handle it without any lag or dropped frames. It is amazing. Mind blowing. I'm in love. Inspired. This is actually really similar to a concept I was fiddling around with in my head because I am also reading flatland! Wow. This is so cool. Considering sending it to my old physics teacher. If it was updated with more levels I could probably play it forever. I'd also love to see the concept applied to something more open-ended, but that might be a pipe dream. 


I can't get up the slope on level 1


When I go on it, I walk right through it.

But good game nonetheless

muito bom

it is sooo good


when i try and run it it says that it is not safe,  has anyone else had any problems while running it?


Try clicking on "More info" and a new button will appear with the text "Run anyway" click that.

thanks a lot



why is it so laggy? is it my pc? i dont think i need more than 8gb of ram for a 23mb game.. 


It's a very hard on the GPU even at it's very low resolution


It's very laggy and I phased through like the first red bridge. Also didn't find any orbs.


at a certan point of 4d the orb will apear


Can we just appreciate for a second that this guy made a 4D game and actually finished it?


It will not open.


webGL pls




first level has a bug in which the red rectangle has no colision


im just clipping trough the first red rectangle ._.

i just skipped the level 

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