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Another amazing puzzle concept from Jelle!  Here is my full playthrough 

brabo demais (interpret as "really neat")

uma boa mecânica pro jogo

execução delicada e bem pensada

alguns pequenos bugs saudáveis

tudo pra um jogo bom

tudo de bom🤙


so my first playthrough I didn't know what to do so I found some clipping glitches then my second time I realized then 3 time I did challenge mode also IDK why but you should call it trippy mode instead of challenge mode

how do i close this game




i.... i cant move....



This is great. From the main mechanic to the art style, I really enjoyed it.

There are a few spots you can glitch into the walls though. For example on level 3, before I realised I could move the orbs, I went into the walls.

Really cool how the game is based on imaginary numbers!


Is it okay if I copy the idea of creating headaches?

fucking awesome challenge mode is crazy 

Love it, ended outside the map couple of times, falling endlessly in imaginary space :)

is this a bug or it is supposed to happen?

well very nice game , you could also polish it up a little bit like  post processing rather just art and game-play nice effort enjoyed!

it's a feature, not a bug ;)

oh very sorry i'm to dumb to understand ;0 ,

i love to watch your videos ! keep it up . will you join my channel ? please just sign in to it with your google account or email!

thanks so much!

my eyes are bleeding and i want to throw up but it was a wonderful experience 

great game i only wish for more levels and weirder challenge mode consepts

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there should be some where the screen is rippling, then rippling and spinning, then rippling with multiple screens

Great job!