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my keyboard cant handle this many inputs

9 keys, that means I can hold QWER, UIOP, and space without dropping input.


this is a pretty interesting/good idea, but. alot (and i really mean ALOT) of key cominations don't work properly, like when i do a key combination, i usually can't move my hands forward. which ruins the game. the key combinations that don't work are set, as in don't change. plus i'm using windows idk if thats a problem.

my keyboard not work

Game looks interesting, but HTML5 version is not working on my device. It's a pity, that there's no Windows version.

Easy mode is too hard for me...

me to


never loaded for me, i hate unity web gl

then download the windows version

i use mac

try the mac version i guess

there is a mac version?

Oh wait this game is a html version. welp shit.


why not do it like in hand simulator you move the hand that you have pressed on the mouse aka lmb and rmb and get one hand on the mouse to be moved and yeah i think that would have been alittle better



Nice game!


You should decrease the finger-raising time as the game progresses, cuz you lesser time as you go ahead in the game.

so friggin' hard AAAA

I have an idea! Why don't you add a sandbox mode?

fun, but hard!

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Ouch, my ears hurt, everytime you start the game it blasts to you really strong sound, you should reduce the volume. The game requires to be have certain combination that are really hard even in the easy mode. But still nice try to create new things.


Super good!


my pc only allows for 6 keys at a time, so that's kind of a problem


its not your PC its the limitations of the Unity Game Engine


way to hard on my keybord and some combos are imposible

my keybord only alows 7 keys at once so I cant put all my fingers out and press space

i would love this in vr tbh would be way more fun useing hand tracking


Its most likely not your keyboard, the unity engine is a little funky with input.


takes forever to load in


pretty difficult and the hand models are good


Good concept just the controls are a little janky,and background music is not that great ,otherwise pretty fun.

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visually really good, but difficult.


Like the concept of having your hands actually connected to the controls. Really adds immersion. Though it'd be great if the player could also get into the game by using those controls instead of having to use the mouse.


Pretty hard game. Requires really good coordination with both hands. Maybe starting with a real easy difficulty would be helpful. 

Cool idea of grabbing and pressing buttons with mechanical hands, though!


I didn't like the game very much, it really just isn't that great.


The game is fun but can get very hard especially with having to press the spacebar to move forward. I don't really know what would be better though, so maybe the spacebar is the best. The graphics are nice and the sounds are also well done. Nice game!


Utter madness

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I don't really enjoy the game, I wish there was a way to press play without taking your hands off of the positions. And my hands aren't that small so this doesn't work for me. Taking my hands off the positions cuts into the time. With the loud sound at the beginning I wasn't prepared.

Edit: with a bit of practice actually, you can get pretty good with it. But again, starting off late is a trouble for me because of the Easy and Hard start buttons. 


Very interesting :) I like it. It blends in nicely with the theme. The mechanic is a little hard to understand for me bc im not a pro gamer but I definetly like the concept.