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Finished! Love it!


Finished the game, it was really interessting, at first there wasnt really any solution to the puzzle, then i figured out you can get purple with blue and red etc. Really cool concept, The game was awesome, but i really like if there was some kind of grid system, i found it really annoying to get through the tiny holes.


Very nice game with a interesting and creative idea!

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I really liked it. I was really surprised you finished it in 3 days! The only thing I would say is that the movement is slippery. This was great Jelle, 9/10. :D

This game is unbelievably creative and well polished for a game jam!!
Keep up the great work Jelle!

Thanks! I appreciate the support!

That was for real a great inspiration 

Lovely game :D! the only problem i had with it was level 7 and 8 being easier than 6


Came from brackeys game jam video, this is beyond good GG :3

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Nice game. The in-world tutorial paper is great, the colorwheel is especially usefull. Though, it does get a bit overwhelming. I stopped on level 8. Also, the movement needs to be more tight.


level 8 is the final level, you just missed the end ;) I agree on the movement, definitely something that can be improved


Pretty good,  I very much enjoyed it.


With Unity game engine it's reallly easy to stack up your blocks and get out of the box. Don't know if that's useful to know.


Really cool game!


Awesome job, mate! 


Great game!

I love the environment next to the game board!

10/10!!! Spuer Cool Game!

Love the idea and game!

Thank you!


A solid idea and very well executed - the thwoomp sound was a lovely touch


Yeah, that thwoomp sound was essential ;)

Best game I've seen in this game jam yet

great game can you add this on steam with more levels

Glad You like it, maybe I will!

amazing + inspiring art my guy! hope this wins the jam <3


I am curious what your art guys will make of it ;)

i really love how you can make your 3d models feel lively, rather than just plain, simple and boring!

always add a little bevel to accentuate the edges, it really helps a lot

yea, im not the best with 3d art 😂 would you mind playing my latest game "Paint Island" and telling me what you think of it? 😁

sure, i’ll take a look